What Makes a Blog Successful?

“I am only a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”

~Mother Teresa

Sometimes people measure their success by human standards. What I mean is, for example, a blogger like me might measure their blog’s degree of success by the amount of views, likes, followers, and comments. However, what seems successful in human terms may not be the reality.

For instance, some people read a lot of blog posts, and even they were extremely inspired, may not be in the right circumstances to click the “like” button or comment on a post. They might be on someone else’s computer, or just not logged into their own account on the same site. On the other hand, to prove that they’re a nice person, other people go around liking every article they read. In the same vein, a follower doesn’t necessarily read every post, and regular readers don’t always become followers.

As you can see, these indications are not always accurate to judge from whether or not the blog was successful. And are we, as human beings, really that insecure? So insecure that we measure our success by what other people think? What about what God thinks?

As site that receives 100,000 likes per month is not necessarily better, from God’s perspective, than one that only receives, say, 50. In fact, there are actually dangers to receiving too many likes! Our human nature causes us to indulge in what appears to be confirmation of our greatness from what other people say about us all over social media!

On the flip side, no matter how many likes we get, we still are envious of those that are receiving more on their sites! (The sins of pride and envy are quite evident here.)

Ironically, the most satisfied bloggers appear to be those that are humble and modest in their views about themselves. One needs to be confident about what they are writing about, and particularly with persuasion, confident that they can explain what is right.

To me, if I can inspire even just one person per day, I’d consider it a success.


5 thoughts on “What Makes a Blog Successful?

  1. Thanks, I really needed this. I’ve been writing my blog for almost two years and have hardly gained any new followers. Just today I was asking myself if it was really worth it. I think this was one of those “Godincidents” that I happened upon your post today.

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  2. I like the analogy Franz made about how a father doesn’t expect a response or complaining from children, Just as our Father in heaven has expectations for us as well.


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