The Choice to Love

Some choose to love because it sounds so beautiful and appealing, and indeed, it is, and no one is going to contest that. But love involves sacrifice, and above all, suffering. Some follow the path of love without – at least in the beginning – being aware of this fact. But even when we do know, and understand, we should still make the choice to love.

Christ tells us many times in the Gospel that inevitably, those that follow Him will be persecuted or rejected by others at some point in their lives. Suffering is inevitable in this broken, fallen world. It is not worth giving up love out of fear of suffering. When we avoid the painful side of reality, we do not see the world from an honest perspective, and therefore we miss out on the joyful side of reality as well – the joy that can only come through great suffering. For the best, as they say, it attained only through great pain.

Love is often accompanied by great suffering, yet it is still better to love and suffer than to never have loved at all. In love one can make mistakes and yet still be forgiven, and through suffering one can expiate for those mistakes. This, I believe, is why even when we know – we understand – that following God (who is Love) is difficult, we should choose it anyway. Living a life of love will – inevitably – bring suffering, and even when we know and understand this, we should still choose love, in spite of everything.


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